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Sulawesi Toraja - Single Origin

Sulawesi Toraja - Single Origin

Our Small Batch Fresh Roasted Sulawesi Toraja has a Huge Body with Very Low Acidity. Delicious Notes of Bakers Chocolate are in this Coffee with Hints of Vanilla & Cedar.
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Sulawesi Toraja

The Toraja people are an ethnic group from the highlands of Sulawesi, Indonesia, who have been cultivating coffee for generations. The coffee grown by the Toraja people is known for its unique flavor profile and high quality.
Toraja coffee is typically grown at elevations ranging from 1,100 to 1,600 meters above sea level, which creates ideal growing conditions for the coffee plants.

Harvesting & Processing

Sulawesi Coffee is harvested beginning in May until September. The coffee is typically grown using traditional methods, with farmers hand-picking the ripest cherries and processing them using the wet-hulling method, which is also known as "giling basah" in the local language. This method involves removing the parchment layer from the coffee bean while it is still wet, which results in a unique flavor profile.