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Kenya AA - Single Origin

Kenya AA - Single Origin

Our Small Batch Fresh Roasted Kenya AA is a Full Bodied Coffee with a Silky Texture and Sweet Fruity Notes like Cranberry. It has Hints of Dark Chocolate, and a Bit Nutty, with a Bright & Balanced Acidity

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What does AA mean?

AA is a coffee grading term used primarily in Kenya to denote the size of the coffee beans. It does not refer to a specific coffee species like Arabica or Robusta but rather to the size and grade of the beans. Kenyan coffee beans are graded based on their size, with AA being one of the larger grades.

The average AA coffee bean is around 7.2 mm in screen size. The other grades in the Kenyan coffee grading system, such as AB, PH, C, E, TT and others, represent a different bean size and quality.