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Java - Taman Dadar - Single Origin

Java - Taman Dadar - Single Origin

Our Small Batch Fresh Roasted Java is a Very Full Bodied Coffee, with Hints of Black Pepper, Cedar, and Baking Chocolate paired to a Low Acidity.
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Koperasi Serba Usaha

Koperasi Serba Usaha was founded in 2015 with the plan to blend neighboring coffees and promote higher quality lots to the global market by marketing Organic certified coffee. The growing co-op currently has about 150 members, each member averaging around 2-2.5 hectares/farm in Kayumas and Taman Dadar. Co-op members range from as young as 1st generation farmers to 4th generation farmers!

Though they primarily produce coffee, it's not a year-round yielding crop, so many of the farmers also grow avocado, ginger, green beans, durian, and tobacco. Going forward, Koperasi Serba Usaha plans to expand their network by growing their member base while maintaining high quality coffee for the global market.

Harvesting & Processing

Java Taman Dadar is harvested from April through September, and wet hull processed with patio drying. This process can take 3-6 weeks, during which the coffee cherries are constantly watched over and turned to achieve a final product free of irregularities and consistently dried.