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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Single Origin

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - Single Origin

Our Small Batch Fresh Roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a Medium Bodied Coffee. With Hints of Honey, Tangerine, Bergamot, & Vanilla it is Said to be the Finest in Ethiopia. It has a Balanced Bright Acidity.

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Whole Bean or Ground
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Coffee in Ethiopia

Legend has it that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia by a goat herder named Kaldi in the 9th century. He noticed that his goats became lively and energetic after consuming red berries from a certain plant. He tried them himself and experienced a similar burst of energy. This discovery led to the cultivation of coffee plants and the spread of coffee drinking traditions.

Today, Ethiopia is one of the world's major coffee producers and exporters. Coffee is a crucial component of the country's economy, supporting millions of farmers and workers involved in its cultivation, processing, and trade.